How This Site Came To Be:

Sometime after taking an early retirement in 1985, I found myself with much time and little activity. At the same time, I no longer wanted to ‘go’ to work. Actually, I enjoy work as long as work is coming to me and I am not going to it. I busied myself in those early years building home computers for people who didn’t have the time or inclination to build a computer themselves. I did that three days a week for several years. The other four days a week I spent going to estate sales and selling stuff out of my garage. I didn’t invent garage sales, but I can remember a time when mine was the only garage sale in town. After plugging along like this for about a decade or so, I decided to do more online. So I started selling on eBay followed a year or so later selling on Amazon and then Craigslist. Although I did sell plenty of stuff, I always felt that I could do better, if only… If only what? I didn’t know what! So I sought help; online help. I spent many dollars seeking the right help and I finally found it, first from Skip McGrath and then later from Jarom Adair. Today I get advice from both Skip and Jarom. They are simply invaluable.

My Mentors:

Skip McGrath: I learned eBay the hard way; plowing through eBay’s endless pages of help. One day I was searching for some eBay information and came across Skip’s website. I couldn’t believe all the incredible resources I found! I figured if Skip gave out that much information free his courses would be awesome! I bought one of Skip’s books and read it cover to cover. It was an incredibly easy read compared to most textbooks and had more good tips and techniques than anything I’d read about selling on eBay; even what’s on the eBay site itself! The knowledge I receive from Skip’s courses and newsletters has been invaluable to my business! I look forward to every issue! Since my first course, I have bought several more courses and books from Skip. Although rare, but it has happened, when I have eBay questions  generated by reading Skip’s information, he is extremely quick to respond. I know when I deal with Skip I’ll always be greeted with a smile and a great attitude! Skip is my favorite eBay entrepreneur. Had I found Skip sooner I could have saved a ton of money on worthless books that had nothing more than rehashed information that eBay gave me for free! Skip makes it all so easy! I recommend Skip McGrath to everyone I talk to who is looking for a way to improve their eBay sales.

Jarom Adair: Jarom runs a business under the title Internet Marketing for Business Owners that teaches business owners how to take their business online and/or enhance their online presence. This is a great resource for free internet marketing tutorials. The personal coaching is also excellent. If you’re overwhelmed trying to figure out how to market your business online, this is the place to start. Jarom is a real estate investor turned internet marketer who, by combining these two fields in unique ways, enjoys mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to success. Jarom is the only person I know of who is available on Skype six days a week for a solid two hours each day where you can join in a conference call and actually talk to someone who cares about the problems you want to discuss. Jarom provides the most sensible advice, delivered in simple to understand ways. Jarom really likes to help people and does so, on a very personal level. Take a quick look at Jarom´s website. You will not regret the time you spend there. Spend some time listening to Jarom´s podcasts. It was after listening to several of Jarom´s podcasts that I decided to start of my mentee relationship with him. I’ve not regretted it.

About Me:

Our goal is to cultivate productive relationships and enhance learning through shared knowledge.

I am a personal computer network master and online home business internet marketing entrepreneur with excellent qualifications in strategic planning, comprehensive knowledge of management, organizational development, team building and project execution. I have demonstrated the ability to develop customer relationships through enhanced personal intervention. For recreation I am a fisherman, published writer and avid reader.

I have owned and operated KeSL for several years. Here at KeSL a deep personal sense of mission guides our activities. Our goal is to give our customers top quality services. Such services show positive relations and credibility between us and each customer. Trust is a true, tangible link that positively differentiates our day-to-day activities. Trust induces good will which forms bonds founded on rational and emotional factors. Such bonds are very difficult, and sometimes impossible to break. The ability to create such a lasting relationship is a unique result of our everyday work based on words and deeds. To this end we will endeavor…

  • To constantly strive to meet or exceed our customer needs and expectations.
  • To choose the ethical way; making a personal commitment to honesty and integrity.
  • To solve every situation, finding a win-win solution with which all parties can live.
  • To remember where we have been and where we will go through maintaining positive relationships.
  • To build a valued reputation of being dedicated to every goal we choose to pursue.
  • To respect the opinions and views of others with the understanding that human diversity is a bonding and strengthening catalyst.
  • To make customers happy and enjoy every moment along this journey finding laughter, love, and felicity with each day that passes.

If you do not feel comfortable giving us five-star ratings across the board, please contact us and we will be more than happy to immediately help you and make things right.